Accountable Future

Your Washington State Source for Counseling 

Specializing in Anxiety and Controlling Relationships

Are you stressed out, worried about money, your family or your job? If the worrying or overreacting consumes a lot of your energy throughout the day, I can help you develop a better way to manage.

I have over 20 years of both personal and professional experience and have helped hundreds of men, women, and children manage their emotions more effectively. I can teach you ways to take control over the stress and worry. Many individuals saw measurable results in as little as 8 sessions (varies per individual). If you are ready to make a change today, call me.

We specialize in the following areas:
- Anxiety Disorders
- Panic Attacks
- Stress Management
- Controlling or Abusive Relationships

If you are tired of feeling like your life is not your own and are willing to try something new, contact me today. Let's get you feeling hopeful again. Contact Accountable Future today with your questions at or schedule your first appointment here.

Most clinical counseling requires time to schedule, driving to the office, waiting rooms, parking, and taking time out of your day.  With online counseling you can do everything (scheduling, session, payment) from the comfort of your own home. At Accountable Future our expertise is online counseling. Our HIPAA compliant video chat, instant messaging, and client record storage provides a secure and private transfer of patient data. Everything you say is strictly confidential and kept between you and your therapist. Our encryption process keeps out hackers and other attempts to pry into your privacy.

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