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Therapist Specializing in Anxiety and Trauma/PTSD

Does it seem like you have tried everything and nothing seems to make things better? Are you looking for something you can do to make your relationship or your life run smoother? What if you could talk to someone? Would you come?

I am a Psychologist in Silverdale, Washington with over 20 years of both personal and professional experience helping individuals and families manage their stress more effectively. With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) you can learn ways to take control over your stress and worry. Many individuals saw measurable results in as little as 8 sessions (varies per individual).

We specialize in the following areas:
- Anxiety Disorders, Panic, and Worry
- Stress Management
- Trauma, Including PTSD

If you are ready to make a change and are willing to try something new, contact me today. Let's get you feeling hopeful again. Contact Accountable Future with your questions at