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Creating Hope: Parenting After Abuse
Creating HopeThis 12 hour parenting class made for the survivor of an abusive relationship. This class is designed to help learners understand how their experience in a controlling or abusive relationship has impacted the way they think, react, and see the world, including their parenting.

In part one, the focus for the learner is on understanding what control and abuse is and it's purpose. It walks you through the individual's experience (self-exploration) of self-blame, negative thoughts, and individual's values and beliefs and how all of these may have been negatively impacted by the experience with the controller.

In part two the focus is on understanding how abuse, either witnessed or experienced, impacts children. It walks you through developmental and cognitive development and how abuse influences this. Descriptions of emotions children may experience and the self-blame that might be coming up in your children as a result of their experience are explored. The learner will get a better idea of why children might be doing what they are doing.

In part three the focus is on taking the learner's new understanding of how abuse has affected them and how abuse has affected their children and uses this new understanding to create a more cooperative working relationship with kids. The focus is on setting limits, consistency, and communication.

Module 1: Understanding how DV affects you

          - Lesson One: Identifying what DV is and your personal experience
          - Lesson Two: Exploring the messages that you were told that sill impact
          - Lesson Three: Understanding impact of negative-self talk and strengthening your support network
          - Lesson Four: Learning how to re-frame. Understanding shame and guilt and putting the pieces together from Module One

Module 2: Understanding how DV affects kids

Module 3: Working Together with your New Understanding